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Refer Them to Us

Refer Them to Us

Why would you want to refer your friends to Solar Symphony? Because Solar Symphony is the best value in solar — providing the highest quality solar equipment, delivered with exceptional customer service at a very reasonable price. In other words, your friends will get a great deal going solar with Solar Symphony! Don’t take our word for it, read what are customer’s are saying.

By referring your friends to Solar Symphony you can also prevent them from making a mistake. There’s a good way and . . . . several not so good ways to go solar.

Paying referral fees to solar advocates allows Solar Symphony to keep our prices low, it keeps us from wasting thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing. Refer someone you know to Solar Symphony, and if they go solar we’ll gladly pay you $250 and give your friend a $250 discount. They win, you win, and the utility loses. Once installation is complete payment will be issued via mail. Try sending this link “Top 10 Reasons to Go Solar” to neighbors, friends and family or have them submit their information on our online web form found here on our page. Get in touch with us by either calling 760-300-4141 or emailing info@solarsymphony.com!

Ready, set, go!