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Commercial solar customers rely on Solar Symphony to design solar systems.

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The founders of Solar Symphony, Aaron Eriksson and Rob Smith, spent most of their careers contracting in the large commercial construction space. They've managed over a half a billion dollars worth construction projects in the past 20 years.  Many of these were remote site, high-speed and technically challenging projects with very demanding specifications and quality control requirements.

It was this background in the design-build world of big commercial project management, where procurements are based on best-value (meaning the highest quality at the lowest cost) that gave birth to Solar Symphony’s business model.  Aaron and Rob spent over a decade learning and perfecting some of the most sophisticated cost and quality control systems and methodologies that industry has to offer.  Then the thought came, “Hey what would happen if we applied this to the solar industry?” The answer: We’d be the most compelling value in solar energy.

Solar Symphony follows a lean production methodology for commercial solar projects. We spend the time up front value engineering not just the solar design but the process as well. This reduces cycle time and provides our clients with greater value. In the end, solar power is just another way to get your electricity. If it isn't less expensive than what you're currently doing then why switch? We strive to provide the most compelling value in energy, period.