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Solar Panel Contractors Escondido CASolar Symphony comes from a contracting family that has been based in Southern California for over 40 years. Aaron Eriksson grew up in San Diego contracting with his dad and eventually went on to build large commercial construction projects. It was here that he met Solar Symphony co-founder Rob Smith. Rob also spent many years in professional construction management and together Rob and Aaron have managed over a half a Billion dollars worth construction projects.  Many of these projects were built for the U. S. military and were technically challenging with very demanding specifications and quality control requirements.

It was this background in the design-build world of big commercial project management, where contracts were awarded based on best-value (meaning the highest quality at the lowest cost) that gave birth to Solar Symphony’s business model for Solar Panels Installation in Escondido.  Aaron and Rob spent over a decade learning and perfecting some of the most sophisticated cost and quality control systems and methodologies that industry has to offer.  Then the thought came, “Hey what would happen if we applied this to the solar industry?” The answer: We’d be the most compelling value in solar energy.

Solar Power Escondido

Solar Panels in San DiegoSolar Symphony started by listening to our customer’s and allowing them to define what they valued: design and install the highest quality solar energy systems, deliver them with concierge level customer service, at very reasonable cost. That’s a tall order and rare combination. To pull that off consistently we would need to execute at a very high level. So we took the world’s great Symphony’s as our inspiration. Our name serves as a daily reminder to all of our people of the level of professionalism and excellence required in order for us to accomplish our mission and vision in the solar power system field. To be the most compelling value in solar energy. To accomplish that our people have to be the best in the business.  To play in a symphony requires almost flawless execution. And since there are only a few dozen professional symphonies in the World, to earn the opportunity of playing you simply have to be the best in the world at your craft. That’s our inspiration. That’s Solar Symphony!

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The experienced solar contractors at Solar Symphony are able to handle all of your solar power needs, from home solar panel installation, commercial solar panels, to complete solar energy systems designed for the exact needs of your family. You’ll feel at ease with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Call Us Today for all of your solar energy needs.




Qualifications and Accreditations

Every great relationship begins with trust. The type of solar electric systems that Solar Symphony builds last a very long time (half a lifetime, maybe more). It is our hope that our relationships with our customers will last equally as long. We work very hard to be the kind of contractor you can trust today and many years into the future. The professional qualifications and accreditation's above should give you some sense of who we are. Our company has the experience and qualifications to deliver on our promises. - Solar Symphony